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Utah Liquor Laws

Getting a drink in Utah isn't as difficult as what you might have heard. Park City makes it even easier with more alcoholic beverage businesses per capita than any other place in the state. So whether you're looking for a local brew or just a glass of wine, you won't be left high and dry.

Below is some specific information about getting a drink during your vacation.

You can purchase 3.2% beer at the grocery and convenience stores. 3.2% beer is also served in restaurants that only have beer licenses. Full-strength beer is for sale at state liquor stores (see addresses below) and is sold in private clubs and restaurants with liquor licenses.

Wine is served in restaurants and private clubs and can be purchased at the state liquor stores.

You can buy liquor at state liquor stores and purchase it by the drink in most restaurants (if you order food) and all private clubs (without ordering food).

State Liquor Store Locations In Park City
Remember: Liquor stores are closed on Sundays, state & federal holidays.

1550 Mill Creek Drive
Snow Creek Plaza

This is the largest liquor store in Park City with one of the best wine selections in Utah.
Hours are 10am-10pm Mon - Sat.

460 Swede Alley
Old Town

Hours are 11am-10pm. Mon - Sat.

Kimball Plaza at Kimball Junction
Hours are 11am-7pm. Mon. - Sat.

Brown Bagging/Unfinished Wine
Subject to the discretion of the establishment, patrons may pay a corkage fee allowing them to bring in their own bottled wine to licensed restaurants and private clubs for on premise consumption. Patrons may carry out unfinished wine from a restaurant or private club provided that the bottle has been re-corked.

Basic Utah Liquor Licenses
Full liquor service is available in licensed restaurants, banquet and catering facilities, airport lounges, and private clubs. Patrons may order liquor by the drink, wine by the glass or bottle, and beer in bottles, cans and on draft. Packaged liquor, wine, and heavy beer (over 3.2%) are available in State Liquor Stores.

In restaurants with full service liquor licenses, liquor, wine and heavy beer (over 3.2%) may be served from noon to midnight. Beer (3.2%) is available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Patrons must be dining in the restaurant in order to be served an alcoholic beverage. Patrons may be served at their table or in a waiting area.

In restaurants with limited service liquor licenses, wine, and heavy beer (over 3.2%) may be served from noon to midnight. Beer (3.2%) is available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Limited restaurant licenses may not sell distilled spirits.

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